Universal Machine Vice - S.G Iron Body - Apex Code SG 701-A

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Jaw Size: 4 inches / 100mm
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   Features :

  • The most versatile of all machine vices with all degrees of freedom, the Universal Vice allows the work piece to be set at any desired angle.
  • The specific advantage of this Vice is its ability to be set perpendicular to the base, thereby allowing right angle machining on the same machine.
  • Allows for the job to be set at low heights, particularly suitable for the most complicated grinding applications.
  •  Fully graduated 360° swivel base allows complete rotation along the vertical axis. The third angular side with a moving axis allows for any setting in the 3D plane.
  • Sliding jaw runs on accurately ground surfaces fitted with hardened steel keep strips ensuring perfect alignment and rigidity.
  • All swiveling movements have positive locking.
  • "Hold Down" slots allow for secure clamping of the vice on the work table.


Application :

  • Primarily designed for use on Surface, Universal, and Tool and Cutter Grinding Machines. Its sleek and slender design has endeared it to many engineers who look for precision and versatility.

 Construction :

  • S.G.Ductile Iron Frame
  • Jaw plates are hardened steel with accurately ground surface.
  • Use of hi tensile grade 10.8 fasteners provides strength and rigidity to these vices.
  • Supplied complete with steel handle.
  • Supplied Complete with Steel Handle.


SG720: S.G. Ductile Iron Frame

Finish: Hammer tone metallic blue.                                       

RANGE 4 Inches 6 Inches
Height Overall (In mm) 170 225
Width Overall (In mm) 110 155
Length Overall (In mm)
270 405
Depth of Jaws (In mm) 25 40
Opening of Jaws (In mm) 65 115
Width of Jaws (In mm) 100 150
Tenon Slot Size (In mm) 16 16
Weight In (Kgs) 10 25

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