Unigrip Machine Vice Cast Iron Frame - Apex Code 710

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Jaw Size: 3.15 Inches / 80mm
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 Features :

  • Small compact and indispensable Vices with steel jaws. On the face of which are grooved horizontal and vertical notches for holding, round, square, thin & irregular work for drilling & light milling.
  • Vices are equipped with a convenient uni grip mechanism. Spindle moves inside the hollow handgrip allowing the vice to be used at a location away from table edge. This feature increases the scope of application of the range of vices.

Finish: Hammer tone mid-grey.
Code SG710: SG Ductile Iron Body

Finish: Hammer tone metallic blue.

RANGE 3.15 Inches 4 Inches 6 Inches
Height (In mm) 50 55 60
Width Overall (In mm) 145 180 240
Length (In mm) 260 325 415
Depth of Jaws (In mm) 25 25 40
Width of Jaws (In mm) 80 100 150
Opening of Jaws (In mm) the lower portion
80 115 140
Opening of Jaws (In mm) upper portion
85 120 160
Weight In (Kgs) 3 5 10

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