Tools Marker's Precision Screw Less Vice (Carbon Steel Body) - Apex Code 772

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Jaw Size: 3 Inches / 75mm
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Features :

  • The rapid positioning notches allow the vice to be locked in any position by means of an Allen key provided with the vice.
  • Vee grooves in the sliding jaw, both horizontal and vertical, facilitate holding of round jobs.
  • Jaw pressure on workpiece is forward and downward for repeatable positioning and maximum holding power

Application :

  • The vices are particularly suitable for erosion work. Construction 772 :
  • Manufactured from Selected Carbon Steel, these solid one-piece vices are fully hardened (45-50 HRC) and tempered to ensure stability and durability.

Accuracy :

  • Parallelism: within (15 Microns)
    Perpendicularity: within (15 Microns)


    RANGE 3 Inches 4 Inches
    Width of Jaws (In mm) 75 97
    Depth of Jaws (In mm) 40 90
    Opening of Jaws (In mm) 105 130
    Length Overall (In mm) 74 94
    Height Overall (In mm 196 245
    Weight In (Kgs) 4 6

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