Self Centering Shaft Vice - Apex Code 724

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Size: 4 Inches / 100mm
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Features :
  • Centering Vices are constructed to hold bars and tubes in the firm concentric grip. They feature 4 point clamping contact so workpieces are held securely without hard clamping which can result in damage to delicate parts.
  • The Vice is precisely manufactured of the highest quality material, has an accuracy of parallelism of .006" per ft.
Construction :
  • Close Grey Iron dully stress the relieved body.
  • The supporting tool steel V - Block is hardened and ground and is reversible to accommodate a wide range of diameters.

Finish : Amazon Green.                                                      

RANGE 4 Inches 6 Inches
Width of Jaws (In mm) 110 180
Height Overall (In mm) 160 mm 240 mm
width Overall (In mm) 227 mm 285 mm
Length Overall (In mm) 295 mm 435 mm
Round bar capacity (In mm)
10 to 80 50 to 90
Vee Jaws Reversible Reversible
Holding Capacity (In mm)
10 to 28 50 to 90
Holding Capacity (In mm) (By Reversing Vee Jaws)
20 to 80 90 to 150
Weight In (Kgs) 23 61

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