Profiling Milling & Slotting Slide With Indexing Dividing Head And Tail Stock - Apex Code 722D

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Size: 18 x 5 Inches / 450 x 125mm
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 Features :

  • The Longitudinal movement is applied manually and can be adjusted as per job requirement by the adjustment of two end stops provided.
  • Cross Traverse movement is applied through screw action provided with graduated wheel.
  • Table is provided with T-Slot or mounting indexing and dividing head grooves are provided for passing the used coolant liquid to the tank.

Application :

  • Versatile for use with many machines such as milling, slotting, drilling or shaping machines.

Finish : Amazon Green


RANGE 18 x 5 Inches
Size of table (In mm) 450 × 125
Length of stroke (In mm) 115
Longitudinal travel(In mm) 230
Cross travel (In mm) 135
The working area of the table (In mm)
400 × 90
T-slots size (In mm) 10
wheel calibration (In Inches)
Height of center (In mm) 75
Between of center (In mm)
Direct dividing plate division
Height overall (In mm) 270
Weight In (Kgs) 39

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