Pencil Type Coating Gauge

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  • The 'MU' scale reads in 'microns' and "th' scale in thous' .
  • The 'ep' scale is better used for comparisons and go-no-go gauge.
  • Hold the instrument vertically over surface to be tested so that the magnet comes in contact with the surface. Then slowly lift the instrument again vertically up from surface till contact breaks, reading the Scale where the contact is broken. Take the average of 3 to 4 reading on the coated surface as well as 3 to 4 readings on uncoated surface of similar kind, shape and size. The difference between these two averages will give the thickness of the coating.
  • Clean the tip of the magnet with soft cloth every time before use.
  • Any foreign particles of oil or water layer on it will introduce errors.
  • If not used vertically it will again give errors.
  • Protect the gauge from heat, electric and magnetic fields.

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