Milling Machine Vice Deluxe (Plain Model) - Apex Code 745P

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Jaw Size: 4 Inches / 100mm
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Features :
  • Tilt Lock Machine Vice design is be a like with two vertical and horizontal rails connected to the base.
  • You can hold piece parts in the most immobile state possible.

Three Basics in precision Clamping
  1. That the movable jaw does not lift off the bed.
  2. That the body is rigid, and that a minimal amount of bending stresses is created in the clamping area.
  3. That deflection of the stationary jaw is minimized.
  • Totally enclosed toughened Screw.
  • The bed is guaranteed flat and parallel .0001 per inch.
Construction :
  • Graded Cast Iron dully stresses the relieved body. Tool steel hardened & ground Jaws.
  • In addition to the rigid design characteristics, a large heavy nut is drawn up against the machined ways on the inside vice as the movable jaw is drawn down. This creates a heavy mass of material under compression and extremely resistant to bending stresses.
  • 4 Jaws Plate positions allowing extra capacity with the jaw plates in the outside position.
RANGE 4 Inches 5 Inches 6 Inches
Width of Jaws (In mm) 100 150 200
Opening of Jaws (In mm) 100 150 200
Depth of Jaws (In mm) 48 60 65
Length Overall (In mm) 325 520 575
Height Overall (In mm) 90 115 130
Width Overall (In mm) 160 225 275
Tenon slot size (In mm) 16 20 20
Weight In (Kgs) 12 34 60


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