Hydraulic Work Support -SP- Series : Hydraulic Work Support - High Inlet Oil Pressure 100-350kg/cm2

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Hydraulic work support is a hydraulic version of a mechanical screw jack used as a work support element for positively supporting the workpiece to avoid deformation and minimize distortion and vibration of the workpiece due to cutting and clamping forces.

A Type: Spring Advance: The spring is used to control a contact force when the knocking out rod (piston rod) extends to the highest knocking-out position and contacts the workpiece 


B Type: Hydraulic Advance: When the knocking-out rod is at the lowest position. it is operated by means of oil pressure and is knocked out when being filled with oil and uses a spring to control the contact force with the workpiece.



Model SP-16A/Sp-16B
Normal operating pressure
Cylinder operation Single Acting
Piston Diameter (mm)
Stroke (mm) 8
supporting force at 200 kg/cm2
Net Weight Kgs 0.3



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