Hold Down Toggle Clamp - Vertical Handle - Flanged Base : VHDT

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These toggle clamps have a flanged base with holed for mounting on the fixture plate. Handle remains in vertical position while clamping. Available in two types of clamping arms as shown below.

U- Arm: This is the most widely used type which permits to locate the clamping spindle anywhere along the length of the arm. Neoprene tipped spindle additional 


BR- Arm: This type of arm has a strip arm onto which the bolt retainer can be welded by the user at any desired angle. Bolt retainer is supplied loose with this model.


Arm Type
Height Under Arm
Holding Capacity
VHDT-19-U/ VHDT-19-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 19 70 KGS
VHDT-25-U / VHDT-25-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 25 100KGS
VHDT-26-U / VHDT-26-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 25 100KGS
VHDT-32-U / VHDT-32-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 32 200KGS
VHDT-36-U / VHDT-36-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 36 200KGS
VHDT-45-U / VHDT-45-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 45 400KGS
VHDT-46-U / VHDT-46-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 46 400KGS
VHDT-50-U / VHDT-50-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 50 350KGS
VHDT-60-U / VHDT-60-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 60 500KGS
VHDT-80-U / VHDT-80-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 80 700KGS
VHDT-85-U / VHDT-85-BR U-Arm / Br-arm 85 700KGS

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