Hinged Pipe Vice - SG Iron Body - Apex Code 731

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Opening: 60mm
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Features :
  • Hinged Pipe vice so called because the frame (containing the main screw and top jaw ) and the base are hinged together.
  • To grip a pipe the frame is hinged back and the pipe located on the lower jaw. When the frame is hinged own a locking hook automatically engages onto the side of the base holding the vice firmly shut. Ideal for fast repetitive work.
Construction :
  • The replaceable steel jaws are accurately machined, hardened, and tempered.
    The handle and main screw is also made of steel while the frame and base is made of strong SG Ductile Iron.

Application: Enameled oxford blue.


RANGE Pipe dia capacity Min (In mm) Weight In (Kgs)
40mm 1.1/2 2.7
50mm 2 4.1
60mm 2.1/2 5.7
85mm 3.1/2 7
115mm 4.1/2 11
150mm 6 21


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