Edge Finder : EF/EFR

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  • Edge finder is used for location of edges , shoulders, grooves etc. of work pieces kept on machines table with respect to the machine spindle.
  • Shank of the edge finder is held in the collect or chunk.
  • Work table is traversed to cause the rotating tip of the edge finder make contact with the edge of the workpiece to be located.
  • Once the Rotating tip comes in contact with the workpiece, the worktable is further traversed so that the rotating tip shifts to a concentric position with respect to the shank.
  • Shank & tip of the edge finder is coupled together with the help of an internal spring for independent rotation of both.
  • It is hardened & accurately ground all over to ensure repeatability of work location within 0.01 mm



Model Shank Dia Tip Dia Type N.W. Kgs (Per Pair)
EF-S1 10 10 Edge finder- single end 0.03
EF-D1 10 5 & 10 Edge finder- double end 0.03
EFR-10 10 10 Edge finder- disc type 0.06
EFR-104 10 4 & 10 Disc type- double end 0.06

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