Digimatic Caliper - 500

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Size: 500-196 (0-150MM)
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 Common Specifications:-

  • Resolution: 0.01mm
  • Repeatability: 0.01mm
  • Power supply: Button-type silver oxide battery SR44 (No.938882), 1 piece supplied as standard (The standard supplied battery is for the monitor.)
  • Battery life. approx. 3.5 years under normal use 
  • Maximum response speed: Unlimited



Digimatic Caliper
500-196-30 0-150MM ±0.0005"/ ±0.01 mm ±0.001"/ ±0.02 mm
500-197-30 0-200MM ±0.0005"/ ±0.01 mm ±0.001"/ ±0.02 mm
500-754-10 0-300MM ±0.0005"/ ±0.01 mm ±0.0015"/ ±0.03 mm
500-173-10 0-300MM ±0.0005"/ ±0.01 mm ±0.0015"/ ±0.03 mm


Order No. Range Depth bar Fine adjustment Remarks
500-196-30* 0 - 6" Blade with thumb roller -
500-197-30* 0 - 8" Blade with thumb roller -
500-173/754 0 - 12" Blade with thumb roller -



ABS (absolute) measurement function:

Enables absolute-mode measurement to be started without any zero-setting after switch-on, The absolute origin position can be set, or reset, with the ORIGIN switch at any time.


INC (incremental) measurement function:

Enables the display value to be set to zero, temporarily, at the current slider position to enables easy incremental-mode measurement.

Low Battery Alarm:

Indicates (with a 'B' symbol in the display) that the battery needs replacing. This allows timely battery before the caliper becomes unusable.

External Output Function:

Allows measurement data to be exported using the optional data cable.

Hold Function:

Allows a display value to be held using the optional data Hold unit. (This function cannot be used along with the external output function.)


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