Dial Indicator

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Size: 2109S (0-1MM)
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Mitutoyo series dial offers accuracy and durability to shop applications demanding highly accurate measurements where space is limited. The spindle is made of hardened stainless steel for durability, while the rack gear is machine ground for a tighter fit and increased accuracy.


  • Standard 0.01mm graduation dial gauges having a bezel with an outside diameter of 57mm. All types come with limit markers ans a bezel clamp as standard.
  • The bezel clamp and lifting lever (optional) can be attached to either the right or left side. These parts can be installed and removed without tools.
  • Secure adhesion between the bezel the bezel and crystal as well as the use of an O-ring prevents water or Oil penetration.
  • The stem spindle is made of high -strength quench-hardened stainless steel suitable for heavy duty.
  • A carbide contact point is used.
  • The grand gear is made of stainless steel with high resistance to wear and deformation.
  • Application of a hard coating on the surface of the crystal makes the gage highly scratch- and chemical-resistant.



Dial Indicator
1044S 0-5MM ±13µm
2046A 0-10MM ±13µm
2109S 0-1MM ±5µm
3058S 0-50MM ±30µm

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