Coating Thickness Gauge - With Probe

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Title: Coat Measurer F
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  • This instrument has an external probe that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates.
  • The Instrument is designed for non-destructively measuring the thickness of coatings on ferrous substrates. It can be used to measure the thickness of paint, galvanizing layer, lacquer layer, porcelain enamel, phosphide layer, copper tile, etc.


     Features :



Model Name /SKU Code Coat Measurer F Coat Measurer F+N Coat Scope 27 Coat Scope 27 4K Coat Scope 27 5K COAT SCOPE PRO
Range Reliable  Reliable  Simple Use High - range High - range Feature Rich
Type F F & NF F & NF F & NF F & NF F & NF
Measuring Range 0 〜 1250um 0 〜 1250um F & NF 0 〜 2000um F & NF
F : 0 〜4000um , NF : 0 〜3000um
F : 0 〜5000um , NF : 0 〜3000um 0 〜 2000um F & NF

High-Range High - range Featuring trend graph, bluetooth, data storage and clear backlit display.

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