GIN Angle Sine Dresser - AP50

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Angle sine dresser is a precision grinding wheel dresser on any type of surface grinding wheel at any angle from 0 to 60 degree with smoothness and accuracy. Desired angle is set with the help of gauge blocks. Diamond dresser is fitted on a moveable slide and wheel is dressed by moving the slide to any fro manually.


  • AP50 has various patents, regardless inconvenience of the conventional angle sine dresser , release screws on both side and free to adjust any needed angle.
  • Remove the slide block and it can be used as 50mm sine plate.
  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal angles, sine angle 0-60° (horizontal), 45-90° (vertical) and both are within 0.005mm  accuracy.
  • Double axis accuracy is +0.002mm.
  • It has stroke of 65mm.



Model Overall Length
GIN-AP50 87

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